Spring Cleaning and April Roundup

Regular readers will notice things have changed a little round here!  I decided it was time for a little spring clean and spruce up and set off on my quest to find a template that met my exacting requirements!  Many, many hours later, here we are.  I apologise for the look of images in older posts – they really don’t look good, but I’m just closing my eyes to them at the moment and waiting for them to disappear off the front page 😀

So on to my April round up.  I actually didn’t read a single book in March and did not pursue any of my other hobbies either.  I have no idea why, but this does happen to me from time to time.  In April, I was very excited to discover that Scribd was available to UK subscribers (albeit with a slightly lesser catalogue, but it’s still great!) and so I signed up for my free trial.  I discovered audio books, which I’d never tried before, and have thoroughly enjoyed listening to three books this month!

First up was Horrorstor by Grady Hendrix.  This was fun to listen to, and I really loved the descriptions of the sinister Ikea-like products, but I think it did lose a bit in the narration here.  I haven’t seen the physical book, but I know it is set out like an Ikea catalogue which sounds great.  The story was fun, the narrator was good.  I gave this 3 stars.

Next up, I listened to Every Patient Tells A Story by Lisa Sanders, who is the technical adviser for the programme House.  This is a non-fiction book about patients who present as medical mysteries, those who are hard to diagnose.  I found this book fascinating and so interesting.  It was narrated by the author, and she was great.  I gave this 4 stars and highly recommend it to anyone interested in medical things.

My final ‘read’ for April was Good Girl by Mary Kubica.  This threatened to be the “next Gone Girl” which put me off a bit, as I really didn’t like that book at all.  But this was much better, pretty gripping though I did guess the ending.  This book is written from 3 points of view, the mum, the policeman, and the “baddie”.  The mum and the police did a fab job, but the other one drove me crazy.  I guess it’s a thing that the narrator tries to differentiate between voices, but I found it extremely irritating when this one put on a pathetic high pitched girly voice for the girl.  It just really got on my nerves and it did affect my enjoyment of his sections of the book.  I gave this one 3 stars.

The bonus of listening to an audio book is that you can carry on with other things while listening, and I was very happy to get back to crocheting this month!  I made some progress on Natasha’s blanket.  The piles of circles are slowly adding up, and waiting patiently to be joined together as hexagons!

They look so cute!

That’s what I’ve been up to in April.  I’d love to hear what you’ve been doing this month – let me know in the comments section!

A whole journal!

I can’t believe it – I have finally completed a whole journal from start to finish!  I’m not a very organised art journaller, and tend to flit from one book to the next, starting a new one on a whim without finishing the previous one.  I have never actually filled every page in a journal … until now!  Hurrah!

I made this journal based on one of Kelly Kilmer’s online classes – I think it was the Journey Within class.  I started it in November 2012 and finished it today!  I had a long period of a couple of months where I did not journalling whatsoever in any journal (not unusual for me), so I’m pretty pleased with myself for getting this done!

Wanna see?!