Plans for October

Spooky month is upon us and I have tbr issues.  First of all, I want to join in the Book Tube Reading Buddies spooky reads challenge to read as many spooky books in October as possible.  And then I arranged a buddy read – luckily the book fits in the ‘horror’ genre, so that’s cool.  And then I saw @estellasrevenge was planning a #15in31 reading challenge for October and I quite fancied that idea too!  Plus I need to step it up a bit on the international/global/diverse reading front … so many decisions!  So I went through my shelves and, not gonna lie, picked out all the short books I could find,  I ended up with 25 or so books that are around 200ish pages, so I decided to try and squish all the challenges in together and came up with this tbr!  *we all know how well I do with TBRs, so obviously I will probably end up reading completely different books*

First up:  translated/international/authors of colour


Next, 6 horror reads for spooktober, starting with some recent horror fiction:


Geek Love is my buddy read with Tracey at Flamingo Reads.

and followed by some classic horror:


Some classics that I really should’ve read by now (actually, I have read Animal Farm but I read it in my teens which are now a distant memory and I want to re-read it):


And finally, two random short novels and a YA novel that I think will be a quickish one …


I really hope I get to read all 15 books!  It would be great to move them off my TBR shelf … and of course make room for more!

Have you read any of these?  Where should I start? Let me know!

Obligatory Reading Goals Post!

So here we are, the third day of 2015, and it’s about time I posted something here.

I have been in a reading slump for weeks and weeks, but I was very happy when this baby broke through that:

Review coming soon!

As is customary at this time of year, I thought I would share my reading goals for 2015.

  • I have set my Goodreads challenge at 54 books.  For 2014 I had set my target at 72 books (6 books a month) but I know I go through reading slumps and sometimes read nothing for weeks … I only managed to read 53 books in 2014, so I thought I would aim for just one more and have set my target to 54 for 2015.
  • Read more diversely.  I thought I did read quite diversely but when I looked at my stats for 2014, the overwhelming majority of authors I read were from the UK or USA.  I would like to expand my reading horizons a little this year, and have set the following challenges for each month (I am allowing myself to combine challenges where possible):
    • read 1 classic
    • read 1 book by a male author
    • read 1 book by a female author
    • read 1 book by a non UK/USA author
    • read 1 book that has won or been nominated for a prize
    • read 1 book from my kindle
  • Complete the BookRiot Read Harder challenge. I am allowing myself to combine this challenge with those above!
  • Read more books than I buy!  I’m not entirely sure how many physical books I own as I’m not convinced my Goodreads account is up to date.  I intend to correct this over the next couple of days, and I will update this post with the (shameful!) number of unread books I own.  I intend to finish the year with less books on my shelves.  I don’t tend to hang on to books once I’ve read them, unless they are absolute 5 star keepers, so I will continue to pass read books on to friends if I think they will enjoy them, find somewhere to trade them in or give them to charity.  Ok, I’ve spent the day sorting all my books and updating Goodreads.  I am ashamed about these numbers, but here goes.  Don’t judge me!  I own 437 physical books that I have not read.  This is ridiculous.  Now, I know there is absolutely no point in even pretending that I will not buy any books this year – just not gonna happen.  But I would like to get this number down, so I’ll start by aiming to having 400 unread physical books by the end of the year.  I’m really not sure if this is achievable, but we will see.  I’m not good at maths, but I guess if I limit myself to buying one book for every 10 I read, that should help!  I also have 288 unread books on my Kindle.  These don’t bother me so much because I can’t see them, but I do most definitely need to read more from my Kindle, and so I have added in another challenge to read 1 Kindle book every month.  Here’s hoping!
  • Engage more in the book-twittersphere, instagram, youtube and blogging world.  Yes.
And that’s it 🙂
What are you reading resolutions for 2015? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Bout of Books: Wrap Up

Oops! I forgot to post my wrap up for the Bout of Books readathon!

I started and finished 3 books: Dead Wrong by Cath Staincliffe, The Secret Scripture by Sebastian Barry and 0.4 by Mike Lancaster.

I finished 1 book I’d already started: Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri

I started and did not finish 1 other book: How To Be Good by Nick Hornby

I reached my goal of completing 3 books, so that is good!  I don’t really think the readathon made me read more than I usually do, but it was fun to interact with other participants on twitter and find some new blogs to stalk!  Thank you to the organisers of this readathon, I will no doubt join in again!

Bout of Books Update: Day 6

Saturday was quite a busy day, so not a huge amount of reading done.  I managed to finish 0.4 by Mike Lancaster, which was a quick, easy read (quite eery and tense, but didn’t really live up to the freakiness of the cover!) and then read another short story from The Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri.  I’ve been reading this book all month, in between other books, and have been really enjoying being able to dip in and out of this!

Pages Read Today: 85 pages of 0.4 (finished!) and 22 pages of The Interpreter of Maladies = 107 pages
Total Pages Read: 623
Total Books Read: 3

Bout of Books Updates: Days 4 and 5

Oops! Didn’t get round to updating yesterday!

Thursday Summary:
Pages Read: 51
Total Pages Read: 409
Books finished:  1
Currently reading: The Secret Scripture by Sebastian Barry

Friday Summary:
Pages Read:  105 of The Secret Scripture by Sebastian Barry – finished! And 82 pages of 0.4 by Mike Lancaster = 187 pages
Total Pages Read:  516 pages
Books Finished:  2
Currently reading:  0.4 by Mike Lancaster

How’s this for a freaky cover?!

Bout of Books Update: Day 3

Wednesday was a busy day, so I didn’t get a ton of reading done.  I’m still going with The Secret Scripture, which is dragging a bit at the moment, but hoping it will pick up again soon!

Pages read: 40 (but we had fun visiting my brother and his dog at the seaside!)
Total pages read so far: 398