Mega catch up!

I’ve been working hard to catch up on my Art Journal Caravan … I’d kind of stuck way back at week 6 or 7 … but I’m now up to date to week 19! Hurrah! I won’t bore you all by posting all the pages at once, but here’s the first few:

Week 7, with a face!

Week 8, with some inked up paper towel:

Week 9, with a napkin:

Week 10, a quick magazine image collage:

Week 11, a little bit of journalling added to the face I showed you in the last post:

A Caravan Page

I did this page for the Tangie Baxter’s Art Journal Caravan – slowly trying to catch up.  I think this is for week 25 or so … the quote comes from the prompts Tangie gives us.  I did start to video the process of this page, but the recorder ran out of juice and I didn’t realise until the end!  Also, it’s getting kind of hard to take photos of this journal – I’m using an exercise book for this project (which I bought in Walmart on holiday :)) and the book is getting quite thick now …

Wednesday faffing …

Wednesday is my day off work (lucky me to only work 4 days a week!) and so today I have been faffing and fiddling.  Fiddled with my blog (I’m not feeling the header at the moment – more fiddling will commence – fiddling completed!) and faffing with paint and paper.

Here’s a page I did for Tangie Baxter’s Art Journal Caravan (here’s a link to the blog).  This is a ‘prompt a week’ type project and I am waaaaaaay behind!  I struggled with this prompt – it was all about measurement – so in the end I just went with one of the quotes given:

Not the best photo as I’m being lazy and taking all these photos on my iPhone – which is a great camera. Also I’ve just realised I’ve made a mistake in the quote … oh well!

Here’s a video of how I made this page!  I was trying to challenge myself not to have a focal image cut from a magazine on the page … and I did struggle!

Here’s a couple of pics I was going to add to the end of the video … but shame got the better of me!  The aftermath:

And here’s a really quick, simple page I made for the NaNoJouMo prompt today.  I’m up to date so far! I hesitate to even call this an art journal page … I (eventually) printed off my own photo of the sunrise over Christchurch Beach from my recent few days in Bournemouth, stuck it to the page, used some Caran D’Ache water soluble crayons around the edge, added the title and voila!