Digi pages!

I think I may be addicted ….

Art Journal Caravan – Week 1

I used Tangie Baxters Week 1 Parcel for this one, plus a random brush that I had downloaded previously (not sure where it came from …)

Art Journal Caravan – Week 14

(Jessica Sprague Sweet Lemonade papers, Tangie Baxter Junque Journal papers and elements)

Art Journal Caravan – Week 15

(Tangie Baxter Parcel 15 plus Splatter Graffiti and a random clip art spider (aarrgghh!))

It is April …

A time for new beginnings. I’ve decided to abandon my old, badly kept-up blog and start a shiny new one. Clearly there is still a lot of decorating to be done here … but all in good time!

I came across Art Journal Caravan run by the amazingly talented Tangie Baxter at Scrapbookgraphics, and was inspired to join up (even though we’re already a quarter of the way through the year!). So I’ve been working hard to catch up and am so happy to be making “art” again and getting my fingers dirty! The AJC has even got me interested in digi and my hard drive is fast filling up with gorgeousness with which to create … but I have nothing digi to share yet. Soon though!!

I decided to start with Week 1, then jump to the current week (they were at week 14 when I started), and then try keep up with the new prompts as they come out, but also to catch up in between. So here are my pages so far, in the order I’ve done them in:

Week 1 – “one word”

Week 14 – “tickled pink”

Week 2 – “accept” – this one is inspired by the amazing Teesha Moore

Week 3 – “creating from the past” – I found this one a bit tricky!

Week 15 – “nature” – is almost done … and I think I’m going to attempt each prompt in digi too. Having so much fun with this!