Global Reading Challenge

Reading diversely is a bit of a buzz word lately, and I have realised that, contrary to what I thought, I do not read very diversely at all. In an attempt to rectify this, I will endeavour to read a book by an author from every country in the world. This is quite a daunting task, and I am not going to set any crazy ambitious time limits, but at a rate of around 50 books a year, I think this will be doable within 4 years …

This is a picture of all the books I own that are by international authors (i.e. not UK or USA). These are not necessarily the books I will be reading, but it is my starting point.


I have decided to tackle this by continent, starting with Asia. Each continent has it’s own page with a list of authors I own, authors who have been recommended to me together with the chosen book which will be linked to the review as I go along.

Click here for Reading Africa
Click here for Reading Asia
Click here for Reading The Americas
Click here for Reading Australasia and Oceania
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